Ma'ayanei Hayeshua M.C Bnei-Brak / 07/03/2011

A large hospitalization tower, with an area of approx. 80,000 square meters, is currently being planned for construction in the site adjacent to Ma'ayanei Hayeshua Hospital. The new tower will be unified with the existing building via a spacious atrium area, intended for the leisure and entertainment of the many people who are expected to visit the building.
A monumental white wall will extend through the atrium space, with the horizontal section serving as the atrium's garden roof, and the vertical section partitioning the additional atrium located in the building's center, and extending throughout its entire height. The wall will serve as an icon, symbolizing the importance of the new building in the urban space.
The garden roof above the atrium will serve as a gathering place for the public on holidays and other public events.
The architecture characterizing the tower's façades will create a monolithic architectural system, allowing maximum flexibility for the changes planned for the building's interior.
The main entrance to the building was designed as a large public square, combining water elements, seating areas, and trees for the public's enjoyment. The square will serve as a meeting point for visitors, medical staff and the citizens of Bnei Brak.
The square also serves another purpose – to conceal the entrance to the new general ER, located beneath the square.
An additional underground parking lot was designed for the area between the new tower and Geha Highway. This parking complex will include approx. 600 parking spaces, for the use of the public and the medical staff.
The new hospitalization tower, once completed, will include approx. 350 hospital beds, and together with the existing building, will turn Ma'ayanei Hayeshua Hospital into a large, central medical center, containing approx. 600 hospital beds (half the size of the Tel Aviv, Beilinson and Tel Hashomer Medical Centers).